The End Of Every Problem

By TM Williams

What you are about to read isn’t hard to believe… it’s impossible to believe. But it is true. No one can prove to you that it’s true, but you can prove it to yourself. This writing will show you how to do this.

Whether you choose to prove it to yourself or not is up to you.

The Only Problem

We have so many problems to cope with: money, health, relationships. We deal with one problem and another comes up. One problem after another, it feels like. Only it isn’t true.

What’s true is that we have one problem. Only one. And our one problem is amnesia.

The Rule Of Creation

There is a rule within creation and it cannot be altered. What is created is like that which creates it. You were created by God. If you are what you believe you are, and God is your creator, then God is — God must be, according to the rule of creation — a physical body that experiences lack, loss, suffering, and death. All bodies experience these things.

No exceptions.

But if God is your creator, and God is all-powerful immortal spirit, existing in eternal peace and joy within Heaven, then that is your truth too. But we do not believe this. What we believe of ourselves is that we are vulnerable physical beings, needy, in an ongoing struggle with the world as we try to maintain our survival, and in competition with other physical beings. And then we die.

Is this a happy picture?

Where Salvation Is

We are convinced our lives would be better, wonderful even, if something of the world would only change. If we had more money. If we had the right somebody to love us. If our bodies, or minds, were healthy. But this thinking is wrong.

The world gives no gifts; the world loans gifts. And the interest we pay on gifts the world loans is suffering because we know the world will take its gifts from us, eventually. Any salvation the world offers is temporary… only temporary. Permanent salvation is not found within the world; it is found within us.

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Seeing And Believing

We are within a cycle of suffering. We believe we are not of Heaven and that eternal peace and joy are not our present reality. We believe in this… and we witness a perception of this belief — that “proves” this belief — like a projection on a screen. As we witness this projection we believe in its reality, and this reinforces our belief. We see (and experience) what we believe, and then we believe in what we see (and experience).

We see what we believe, and then we believe what we see. We see what we believe, and then we believe what we see. We see what we believe, and then we believe what we see.

If we break this cycle our vision and our experiences change. This cycle is created, and maintained, by our mental focus. It is powered by thinking.

Ending The Investment

You are the sole investor of a property. The property is an illusory veil, which seems to cover over the experience of Heaven. If you end your investment the illusory veil will fall and the truth of Heaven will return to your awareness. Your amnesia will be healed and you will again know the peace and joy of God, an experience that defies explanation and must be experienced to be understood.

The Solution

Here is a solution, to everything —

Stop investing in the separation between you and the experience of Heaven. Here is how to do that:

Tune in, turn in, to your thinking. Listen to the voice in your head, and listen to what it says to you and about you. This voice actually says only one thing, though it says it in a thousand different ways. It says that you are not of Heaven but are of the world, and that worldly things apply to you. This voice often uses “I” when it speaks to you, to give the impression that you are it and it is you.

When you engage in this separation thinking, when you go along with it and allow it to flow uninterrupted, when you in essence say yes to it, you provide the full investment — all of the energy — for separation. Separation between you and the experience of Heaven exists only because you accept separation thinking as true. You, and only you, maintain separation between yourself and the experience of Heaven, by your mental focus.

So… When separation thinking comes into your awareness, interrupt it. An effective way for doing this is to mentally say, to separation thinking —

This is an investment.

Additional Details

Separation thinking, remember, is thinking that denies, in some way or another, that Heaven is your truth. Become an expert at hearing these kinds of thoughts. Ask yourself, ‘What would my experience be like if I were created by God and am as God is? What would my experience be like if the experience of Heaven was my truth? Does this thought contradict what that experience would be like?’

Separation thought examples: Thoughts that say things should be different, or better, than they are. Thoughts that blame others for life problems, or that express general grievances about your life or other people. Thoughts that claim you are powerless or a victim. These kinds of thoughts would not apply if the experience of Heaven was your truth. In fact these are false thoughts that become empowered when God’s powerful creation (you) accepts them as true; and once empowered, they cause perceptions. If you stop accepting the truth of them they will have no power, perceptions will fade, and the experience of Heaven — no longer blocked by false perceptions — will come into your awareness.


Many people engage self-help because they want their world to change in some way or another. If I do this, I’ll experience more abundance in my life. And then once the world changes, then they will be happy and content. This is not the way it works.

I’ve already told you that your perceptions, the world that you see and experience, is a projection of your internal state of being. Genuinely change your internal state, first, and then your perceptions (your life) will change.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

Additional Help Options

Within this writing I offered a method for ending investment in the barrier between you and Heaven. There are other methods as well, beyond what I described here, that one could use. Forgiveness (read about forgiveness Here), prayer (read about prayer Here), and allowing (read about allowing Here) are quite effective. Methods can also be combined, and used as part of your regular practice. Ending the investment is actually a quite open concept. If you brainstorm on it, you’ll come up with various ways to do it. Find, and use, what works best for you.

The single solution, really, to the hardships of life is this: stop denying the truth of yourself; accept yourself as God created you. An experience of Heaven is our truth, joy and peace and abundance are our genuine experiences. But our thinking incessantly denies this lineage and insists that we are much less than God intended. We must, then, work with our thinking — diligently — and mentally reclaim our truth. When we do this, Heaven will first shine into our perceptions; and then, eventually, we will fully return, joyously, to our Heavenly home.

Questions And Answers

Questions and answers help everyone to get clear. Do you have questions about what you’ve read here, and how to apply it? Ask them Here.


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