The Best Life Help

We’re familiar with many life help or life improvement methods, from the mainstream conventional to the less conventional. A Course in Miracles is the best method for life help that we know. Why A Course in Miracles? Because it makes sense — from a spiritual perspective, at least — and because it brings change.

Deference To God

Spiritually speaking, A Course in Miracles makes sense. The core principle of the Course is this: the will of God cannot be overturned. What denies the will of God is false, is not real — is illusion. Many other spiritual perspectives refer to God as all-powerful and yet, at the same time, claim that God’s will can be denied.

God issued a command to His creations, Adam and Eve, which was violated. God issued commandments for how to live, which are violated incessantly. God sent a son to save humanity, and the son was murdered.

A Course in Miracles states that to deny or overturn the will of God is an impossibility; it is impossible. God is truly all-powerful, is in fact the only power there is, and no alternative exists to God’s will. There is not God’s will and alternative choices; there is only God’s will. An alternative to God’s will does not exist.

An alternative to God’s will is an illusion…

God Is Love

A Course in Miracles denies as well the claim of some spiritual perspectives that God is punitive. God does not need to punish because nothing opposes God. To say that God needs to punish is to say that God is weak, because if He is punishing then something has successfully opposed Him. There is no opposition to God.

God is the only genuine power there is.

God is a fully loving presence, and can afford to be fully loving because everything is only the way God wants it to be. Imagine if everything, every tiny detail, was exactly as you wanted it to be. What in the world would you have to be angry over if everything was precisely as you wanted it — if nothing at all opposed you? So it is with God. Nothing, in truth, opposes the will of God so there is nothing for God to punish.

Misplaced Faith

We have perceptions of conflict and suffering, of death, things that violate God’s will, and we accept these perceptions as true and deny that God’s will stands. If there is a contradiction between what you perceive and the will of God, you should immediately pronounce your perceptions as false. Do not accept your perceptions as true when they contradict God’s will. What contradicts God’s will is an illusion.

This is what A Course in Miracles says.

God’s Will

You are God’s creation and God’s will is that you shall be one with God, existing in Heaven in eternal peace and joy. This is God’s will. Anything and everything that contradicts this is unreal, because it is a contradiction of God’s will.

It is impossible to accept, on its face, that whatever denies the will of God as described above is unreal. It would eliminate too much. A Course in Miracles understands this, understands that we believe in so much that contradicts the will of God. The Course offers a practice, referred to as forgiveness, that will prove to us that God’s will as described above is in fact the truth; and that the truth is glorious beyond description.

Practicing Forgiveness

The Course comes across as so hard to believe, so unusual, bizarre even. But within its practice there is a sense of peace and well-being that must be experienced to be understood. It is reconnecting with God and Heaven, and it’s an incredible thing.

There is greater detail about practicing the Course, practicing forgiveness, available Here.

The Course is not the only way to come to know the truth of your existence, the glory of it, because you will eventually remember who you are regardless. But A Course in Miracles is a shortcut and a big time saver. It brings you, faster, back to your genuine state of peace and well-being. It is the best method for doing this that we know.